Ariana's journey at Autism Connect started in May 2019. After being diagnosed on the spectrum in January by Dr Schlegel, we were referred to the highly recommended Autism Connect. This was a new experience for my husband and I, as we knew nothing about Autism. We were very anxious after all the research and also about our daughter fitting into her new environment. From the first day she attended AC, she was welcomed and the love and care she received from her teacher was so overwhelming - I was at ease leaving her at the centre. The passion and dedication of all staff is apparent and the programs and schedules followed have resulted in visible progress to date. The development of my daughter is evident and I am extremely content with Autism Connect.
My son Luke was diagnosed with AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER just after his 7th birthday. He started at Autism Connect Learning Centre in September 2019. He has made so much progress and has grown so much since then. He has been receiving quality therapy and we have been receiving lots of support. He has made great progress with communication and motor skills development.
I would like to thank Autism Connect and the therapist for rendering a good service.
Riley was diagnosed with Autism around the age of 2.5yrs. He started at a special needs school a month or two after his diagnosis, and stayed there for about 1 year. Although he received so much love and care, he never really showed any progress in his time spent at that particular centre. I met Nicky from Autism Connect at an Autism workshop. I was immediately intrigued by what AC had to offer as it included SO much more. I made enquiries immediately to get on to their waiting list and a couple of months later he was accepted. Riley immediately settled in to this family-based centre. He loved going to school and he definitely showed a lot of progress within his first year at AC. Riley had a good relationship with all his teachers, but I can honestly say that he had such a great connection to Sherelle and Adea when they started at AC. Riley showed unbelievable progress within the first month of their arrival at the centre. He was always just the quiet little boy in his own world, but I started to see him "come out of his shell" and participate more with the therapies and classroom activities. The bond with his teachers are phenomenal! And I am really thankful for this.

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"Teachers and staff are so passionate about what they do. My child is extremely happy and has improved dramatically since she started."

“Amazing facility with such dedicated wonderful people that take care of the kids like they were their own.
They show such dedication and passion for what they do. Special needs is scary when your kid is non verbal going through new experiences and not being able to tell you about it but they make sure to share those firsts with you and put you at ease. My son has truly come out of his shell and grown while being with them. AMAZING PLACE. Love them to bits.”

“After making contact with Nicky, I immediately could connect with her and she understood exactly what I was going through and needed for my son. My son was so comfortable, happy and at ease on his 1st day at the Centre, I was blown away by his reaction.” (Mom).

“Awesome school…amazing teachers and principle…my boy is so happy there…good job guys!!!”

“I was referred to Autism Connect by Dr Birgit Schlegel at the end of 2014 at a time when finding a suitable and affordable learning institution for kids on the ASD spectrum was a tremendous challenge “