Our Stories

Since 2012 Autism Connect has been making a difference –  read more about some of our success stories


Tyler loves swimming, and outdoor play. At Autism Connect his social skills improved. Independence in personal skills. His table top activities have improved and has started to engage more with teachers.


At Autism Connect Qiraa greatly improved his social skills. He is now able to interact socially and communicate with family members. As his communication skills improved his frustration levels reduced. This allowed our entire family to become more social and attend more family events.


Mujahid loves the outdoor play(trampoline) and is fond of running, climbing, and jumping. He has great skills in spinning objects (leaves, disk, plates etc)


Ubayd could run, climb, jump, write his name, enjoyed puzzles and good at using scissors… Showed a love for all technology, including phones and computers.


Roscoe can run and jump, and enjoys bouncing on the trampoline and climbing. There is great improvement and growth in Roscoe since he started at Autism Connect.


Labeeka loves to play outdoors, especially jumping on the trampoline. She is very fond of farm animals, including chickens. Labeeka spent 3 years at Autism Connect.