Mission Mom

An ode to our Director and A.C moms

You’re a mom with a mission,
you have a vision.
You are their voice, their advocator,
you are the community revelator.
Understanding a language your child speaks,
inclusion is all that you seek.

A world filled with adversity,
when all you want is neurodiversity.
To be rid of all the labels,
just wanting them to know that they are able.
Pursuing adequate intervention,
every child has a right to education.

Fighting the masses,
picking up unspontaneous messes.
The sleepless nights that you endure,
faced with so much pressure.
(when all they see needed is a ‘cure’).

Judgemental stares
are so much to bare
but you fight the good fight to make us aware
and because you care.
Unparalleled strength and iron will,
being an Autism mom takes skill.

Needing patience beyond measure,
Celebrating milestones is what you treasure.
Most spend their lives wondering what’s their purpose,
You know the answer when you look at your ‘person’
And for this you are Au-some.

You don’t know what the future holds,
but I assure you; you are a woman that’s bold.
You’re a mom with a mission,
You’re a mission mom.

Paying tribute to all the Autism moms that contribute to shaping their children, our centre and the autism community as a whole.

Happy Women’s month. You’re doing an Au-some job!!

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