DSD moment

Deadline to Set a Date already!!!

As our centre waits in anticipation for the announcement of the re-opening of Special Care Centres (SCC), our stakeholders are being severely affected; 3-fold.

As we are all aware of the economic implications during the pandemic, so has this affected the livelihoods of our staff. We have had to reduce staff which impacts centre operations.

Parents need to go to work. They are in desperate need of childcare, which is not easy to source for children with special needs.

Most importantly, our learners are affected. Although we are trying our best to consider all possible avenues through the implementation of new strategies such as e-learning, it has not been deemed conducive for our learners. Contrived environments are required for optimal learning and our kids are at risk of regression which is a common reaction to change in routines and stressors.

The centre fully understands that the health and safety of our learners and learners of all S.C.C are a priority, first and foremost, but so is their “right to education”.

Centres need to open their doors before the window of opportunity no longer exists. There may not be “If one door closes another one opens” option for our learners. This is what I call a DSD moment “Desperate call to Set a Date”.

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