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This Nelson Mandela day, or any other day, if you are looking for a cause to support, please consider my friend, Nicolette Ripepi’s organization, Autism Connect. They are based in Mitchell’s Plain and cater for children with Autism. Autism Connect’s enrollment currently stands at 30, with the potential to grow hampered by space and other constraints. An opportunity has arisen for Autism Connect to buy land in order to grow and help more families. They need about R500 000 and are appealing for donations.
According to Human Rights Watch, about 600 000 children with disabilities are not in school in South Africa.

The government talks a big game about inclusive education for learners with disabilities and equal employment opportunities for all, but this is just on paper. The situation on the ground is quite dismaying, especially for parents facing the possibility of never weaning their children with disabilities off. How do they ever get considered for employment if they don’t go to school? How do parents fend for their children if they have to look after them around the clock because there are no schools accepting them? All this is why I implore you to help Nicolette and Autism Connect help families, help children with Autism to help themselves later in life. Children with Autism aren’t write-offs; they can grow up to be contributing members of society if they get an education and the requisite therapy. Autism Connect offers all that on a very tight budget. If these kids aren’t given a chance, if they don’t get education and therapy, they will not get an equal chance at life. Please dig deep into your hearts and pockets, even in your friends’ pockets too, and help Autism Connect buy their land and grow. You have no idea how many people you would have helped. Several generations will benefit in the long run, and you’d have helped make that happen. No amount is too small. Please look them up on and see the amazing work they are doing. This was just meant to be a plea, it ended up sounding like a rant, and I apologise for that.

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