About Us


Unlocking greatness in each learner through an eclectic approach of methods, which is learner specific, with the aim of reaching their full potential.


Autism Connect Learning Centre serves to function as a learning and resource centre within our community. We provide a specialised early programme that is Autism specific. We aim to bridge the gap through the preparatory development of learners to a school-readiness state. Our ethos encompasses neurodiversity and advocacy of inclusion focusing on learner intervention.

Our story

As with all things in life, this too began with just a seed placed in the ground, watered by contributors and today this budding flower is in full bloom. So we set out to create website that would keep you in touch with the latest developments within the Autism fraternity as well as to inspire, aspire and motivate you to enhance the quality of life for your child and your family!

My story

“When my son, Tyler, was diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) we were naturally disappointed but trusted that the good Lord will guide us on this journey.

Our experience was made a bit more challenging when it was discovered that Tyler was on the low functioning Autism spectrum. This needed private intervention to enable acceptance at established, state run, Autistic schools. Travelling and private tuition costs soon mounted with seemingly little improvement in his development with the condition.

This was draining and disheartening. Having lived in the communities all my life. Having been subjected to impoverished conditions and its effects on normal people. My thoughts went with the reality of my situation and its potential effects on the families with similar challenges. Fueled by the desire to actively make a difference in my own child’s life and those in the surrounding community Autism Connect was formed.”

Nicky Tyler